Stair Steppers – Improve your health and fitness

Stair Steppers simulate walking and climbing up a flight of stairs.  They are amongst the very best in cardiovascular workout machines. available today.  Everyone knows that having a good cardio workout is great for your health and fitness.  Stair Steppers are help you to lose weight whilst keeping in shape and exercise-stepper-machine1feeling fantastic overall. They say healthy body healthy mind and this is certainly true.  When you feel great you generally smile more and have  a spring in your step!  Industrial Steppers are usually reserved for the gym.  They can take more use but you can also purchase Stepper Machines for home and/or office use.  Always consult your doctor before using a Stair Stepper or make any other changes in your workout routine also stop exercise immediately if you feel faint, dizzy or sick.  Anyone can use Stair Steppers – men, women, young people and elderly people.  They are completely accessible and low-impact which means that chances of injury are minimal.

This site can direct you to some of the best Exercise Stepper Machine deals that are available on the Internet today! The trick to using any exercise equipment is to burn more calories than you consume in a day. Now you’re going to burn calories anyway as you go about your daily lives but exercise will certainly mean that you burn more calories whilst also toning your muscles, improving your cardiovascular health and releasing those endorphins. Always read the instruction for use before you begin to use Exercise Stepper Machines and don’t overdo when you’re just starting out.  Workout within your own fitness limits and know your body.

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How Many Calories Should I Expect To Burn Off Using A Exercise Stepper Machine?

The number of calories that you burn will depend on a few different factors including your weight, your fitness and your age. It will also depend on how long you workout and the resistance level of the stepper.

This quick guide is based upon a typical 60 minute workout:

If you’re around 120 lbs  then you’re likely to burn around 514 calories.
If you’re around 150 lbs then you’re likely to burn around 643 calories.
If you’re around 170 lbs then you’re likely to burn around 729 calories.

So the advantages of working out using a exercise stepper machine are many in comparison to other forms of exercise. You should certainly aim to vary your exercise regime but exercise stepper machines should without a doubt be an integral part of your health and fitness regime:

  • Exercise steppers machines can be easily setup at home, they don’t take up much space, many are foldable and they are pretty easy to use.
  • If you are just starting out with your workouts again and feel self-conscious then first of all there’s no need to be and secondly you can workout at home with an at home exercise stepper machine.  They are foldable and easy to learn how to use.
  • If it’s raining outside then don’t worry.  You can just jump onto your exercise stepper machine and have a good old workout.
  • A treadmill is high-impact whereas an exercise stepper machine is low-impact.  This means that you’re much less likely to become injured from using one.  In fact, in a recent survey the majority of people who were asked said that they tended to warmup and cool down using an exercise stepper machine because they could just ease into their workout and they said they felt less likely to develop an injury from using one unlike a treadmill.
  • Using an exercise stepper will, no doubt, make you feel and look much better. Your heart will be much healthier and your body will be more toned.
  • When using an at home exercise stepper machine they are generally easy to fold away and take up less space than a treadmill when in use.  They are, therefore, more space efficient than larger exercise equipment such as treadmills.

Health and Fitness Benefits of using Exercise Stepper Machines

If you want a nice posterior like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez or Ashton Kutcher then an exercise stepper machine will certainly be able to help you to work towards your goals.  We may not be able to help you to have buttocks just like these celebrities but you can certainly have a great body, thighs and buttocks by using an exercise stepper workout machine.  Exercise steppers workout the whole of the lower body, toning your buttocks, shaping your calf s, quadriceps (quads) and hamstrings (hams).  Always remember to stretch after warming up and after working out to ease the build up of lactic acid which can makes your muscles sore post-workout.

Whilst an exercise stepper machine can help your core body to look better we would recommend that you supplement this form of exercise with stretching, other cardio workouts and abdominal crunches.  And remember and anything you do on your abs you must do on your lower back to balance it out.  Don’t workout one part of your body without working out another.  Many lower backs problems are eliminating or, at least, reduced by having a stronger set of abs.  As you continue to workout you’ll find that daily tasks such as walking for the bus, climbing a flight of stairs and carrying bags of shopping become easier and enjoyable.

Cardiovascular fitness is important to people of all ages, the middle-aged and elderly people especially.  Toning, shaping and working your leg muscles will assure you that you’re having a great cardiovascular workout. You should work on keeping your heart rate at a steady rate whilst exercising.  Exercising should be intensive but at a pace that you enjoy.  You will certainly need to workout hard to get results but everything should be controlled and you should keep up the exercise in order to see long-term results.  We see many people start out well but then start to miss workout sessions and lose confidence.  Our best advice is to stick with exercise for the long haul and really go for it long-term.  This is when you’ll really start to see great results from your exercise stepper machine workouts. Dedication and consistency is key.

You will find all the main types of exercise stepper machines on this website including:

An Air Exercise Stepper is relatively inexpensive to purchase and pretty lightweight. Absolutely perfect if workout and storage space is limited.  Ideal for home and/or office workouts.  Transporting them about is very easy.  If your car is large enough you can fit it in and carry it from home to office and vice versa with ease – this would even be an extra workout for you! So burn off those extra pounds and look great with an Air Exercise Stepper! We personally recommend this!

Exercise Stepper Machines which come with Resistance Bands are fantastic for those who wish to workout their upper body at the same time as their lower body.  An overall body workout can be achieved using exercise steppers with resistance bands.  Whilst the stepper part of the exercise machine works on your lower-body, the resistance bands which you take in your hands simultaneously tones and shapes almost every single muscle in your upper-body! What a workout!

Always follow the instructions for the wide range of different types of exercise that can be performed using this all-in-one workout machine.  Remember to keep challenging your body because your muscles become used to the same old exercises.  Exercise steppers with upper-body resistance bands can help you to achieve this.

Always set your own goals that are achievable and don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a day.  Try your very best to motivate yourself to workout regularly because if you stop then it can be harder to get back into and good work can be lost.  But never lose faith, working out should be and is lots of fun especially when you get in the zone and are really enjoying the exercise that you are doing.  Choose an exercise stepper machine that is durable enough for your use.  You probably don’t need an industrial, gymnasium workout machine for home use but some people do purchase these instead of the home/office use type machines simply because they do last much longer.  Try to go for one with extras such as calorie counters and timers so that you know how long you’ve been exercise and how many calories you’ve burned so far and at the end of your workout. LCDs electronic displays are fantastic for displaying this type of information.

The Best Way to Use an Exercise Stepper Machine

Before undertaking any form of new exercise routine you should consult your GP (general practitioner/doctor) and have a checkup to see if you’re ok to start he exercise.  Always if you feel faint, dizzy or nauseous (or any other unusual symptoms) then stop exercising immediately and seek medical help.

Always gently warm up before you begin to exercise. Then stretch.  Never stretch cold muscles.  You need to gently raise your heart rate.  Then, when you’ve finished your workout, you should gently stretch your muscles and cool down.  Almost like starting off slow in a car whilst the oil and engine warm up then slowing to a halt once you have completed your journey.

Don’t use jerky actions when using exercise stepper machines, your motion should be nice and smooth. Start out slowly, surely and steadily and then raise your pace when you feel comfortable doing so.  You should certainly challenge yourself but don’t shock your body and heart by starting quick bursts of exercise unless you’re used to it and have warmed up first.  It’s always best to ease into a workout.  Do what feels natural to you.  Drink plenty of fluid (water is best and you may wish to drink isotonic drinks) before during and after exercise and shower or bath afterwards to clean yourself and to ease and sooth your muscles. Always keep your back straight whilst exercising and stay balanced on the machine.  Remember, safe usage of exercise equipment is paramount and you must reduce your chances of becoming injured or you won’t be able to workout for a while whilst your body repairs itself and you recover.