Best Stepper Machine

If you’re looking to buy a good stepper machine then I have a few recommendations for you but first let’s do a bit of fact finding and find out what your specific requirements are.

So what is your budget and how much space do you have to workout in? If your budget is somewhat limited and you have a minimal amount of physical space in which to use your exercise stepper machine then you’d be wise to go with a choice like the Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper like the one pictured below. After setting up and stepping onto this great stepper machine you’ll find that it’s compact but versatile due to it’s built-in resistance bands. This can actually provide a surprisingly versatile workout for both the upper and lower body. The whole purpose of using an exercise stepper is to have a great low-impact cardiovascular workout and this machine provides just that – on a budget, in a compact easily storable way.

So checkout the Buy Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper if you have a budget of say $55 to $60 and want a compact stepper that you can take into the office or use at home if you don’t have a dedicated gym room (ideal to put in front of your TV set and have fun watching TV as you workout).

My next suggestion is the Folding Climbing Stepper again by Sunny (pictured below). This is twice as much as the Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper at around $105 and you get more height but I prefer to use this type of stepper because it simulates climbing a mountain and I think that it provides a much more thorough and enjoyable upper body workout. The workout that you get with your legs with this machine feels good though it doesn’t provide the kind of natural feel that you get from higher priced gym equipment. If you’ve ever used less expensive equipment then upgraded to more advanced exercise equipment then you’ll know what I mean by this. This provides a good bang for your buck unless you have several hundred dollars to spend on exercise equipment (and which point you might be advised to budget or multiple types of workout equipment at well over a few thousand dollars or just join a health club or gymnasium).

The range of motion feels smooth and even though this is a larger unit than the smaller steppers with resistance bands, it still takes up surprisingly little room in your living room, bedroom or home gym. This is probably my most favourite mountain climbing simulating home use exercise equipment and I personally prefer this kind of equipment to using a treadmill which is much higher impact and can have a greater chance of injury (though I would always recommend a thorough warmup, stretching then stretching and cool down regime before and after exercise. The Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout and will help you to burn lots of calories.

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